Lab/course information

Lab 1: Introduction to Numerical Methods

  • To run the executable IPython notebook, open a terminal window, change to the folder containing your cloned numeric repository and cd to the lab1 folder. Then start IPython by typing:

    ipython notebook 01-lab1.ipynb

    This will launch your browser with the notebook as demonstrated in class.

  • If you want to read the lab offline, here are:

  • After you have gone through the lab, answer the following questions:

Lab 2: Stability and accuracy

  • The notebook is checked into git at 01-lab2.ipynb Change to your cloned numeric folder and type “git pull” in a command window to update your repository and fetch it
  • If you want to read the lab offline, here are:
  • Assignment: both graduate students and undergraduates should do all five problems (Error, Accuracy, Stability, Backward-Euler, Taylor). Email with a url pointing to the notebook containing your answers for the programming questions. The deriviations can be done as a scanned pdf or as plain paper or a pdf file.

Lab 3: Linear algebra

The assignment for undergrads and grads is here

Lab 4: Ordinary differential equations I

Miniproject 1: Near surface Arctic temperatures

Lab 5: Daisyworld

Miniproject 2: Rabbits and foxes

Grad course: New third track for optional labs

  • Lab 5b, 6 (ODE’s)
  • Lab 7b, 10 (PDE’s)

Lab 6: Lorenz equations

Lab 7: PDES using explicit finite difference

Lab 8: PDE Lab - Solution of the quasi-geostrophic equations using an implicit scheme

Lab 9: FFTs